Architectural Drawings & Written Specifications

For the Green Sleeves™ Tree Staking Systems

Green Sleeves Tree Staking Systems are available for every type of tree and situation.

Products and Written Specs for Green Sleeves™ Tree Staking Systems: Stakes, Crossbraces and Ties for all systems.

Download PDF: Products and Written Specs (updated 3-18-24)

Green Sleeves features variations of 2, 3, and 4 stake systems such as one of our 3-stake systems shown below.

three stake iso



Isometric Views for 2, 3, and 4-Stake Tree Staking Systems.

Download PDF: 2-Stake System (isometric)
Download PDF: 3-Stake System (isometric)
Download PDF: 4-Stake System (isometric)


ZIP file of all three above drawings

Download 2.9MB ZIP file-3 PDFs (updated 5-6-24)