Watch this tree-staking installation featuring our Thin-Line (TL) Sleeves and Flex Ties.

Below slideshow illustrates our 3-stake tree staking system:

These are the Green Sleeves Tie Sleeves — the basis for our revolutionary Tree Staking System. The Thin Line (TL) left, and the Carbon Steel (CS) right, can be used in various combinations in our 2-, 3-, and 4-stake systems.
The Thin Line (TL) sleeves shown here in a 2-stake system are appropriate for a fairly protected site, and the sleeves and ties can be easily moved and adjusted periodically as a young tree grows.
These TL sleeves are being used with a galvanized pipe stake. The Allan Bolt screw assembly allows the sleeves to be easily adjusted. The Velcro closure can be re-adjusted as the tree trunk thickens.
Our Carbon Steel (CS) tie sleeve is recommended for more challenging conditions where there are high winds, heavy foot traffic or where vandalism may occur, and if you are installing a larger 24”-48” box tree, or if a tree requires moderate righting.
These tall 24” box trees require a 3-stake system consisting of a top cross brace and 2 sets of 3 Carbon Steel (CS) tie sleeves to keep the trees straight as they grow in high wind conditions. Other situations or smaller trees might utilize a 2-stake system and/or the Thin Line (TL) sleeves with the cross brace.
The 3-Stake System, 3-Stake Cross Brace at top level consists of welded center ring and two welded side rings. This holds the stakes securely, assures that the stakes do not move, loosen, or injure tree.
The brace with welded rings slip easily over your wood or metal stales and secure with a ¼” x .20” stainless steel Allen bolt.
The 3-stake system with top brace shown here keeps the tree straight as it grows. The flexible ties allow some needed tree movement to ensure strong trunk and root development.