February 2015

Green Sleeves Introduces New Aluminum Cross Brace to our already revolutionary tree-staking system.

Always looking to improve our products for our clients, the new aluminum cross brace is lighter in weight while still providing the strength, durability and reliability that our customers count on with Green Sleeves products.

Like our steel cross brace, the aluminum brace can be used for 2, 3, and 4 stake systems depending on the size of the tree and your climate conditions.

Our tree-staking system features:

• 1″ profile
• Adjustable
• Insures the stake is placed outside of rootball
• Material: steel or aluminum
• Powder coated in black or forest green
• Less labor than traditional wood staking
• Ideal for high wind areas and urban environments (street trees)

See photos, specifications and component diagrams, downloadable drawings and written specs as well as a short slideshow on this web site. Shown above is the 3 Stake Cross Brace.

Please call 415-863-8588 or email robert@greensleeves.com for more information or to discuss your project.