Below slideshow illustrates our 3-stake tree staking system:

Green Sleeves powder-coated Tie Sleeve with rubber sleeve installed on wooden stake
These are the Green Sleeves Tie Sleeves—the basis for our revolutionary tree staking system—used with our 2, 3, and 4 stake systems. The following slides show our 3-Stake System.
Newly planted tree with 3-Stake tree staking system
A newly planted tree with our 3-Stake System. Weather and size of tree dictates the need for 3 or 6 tie sleeves.
3-Stake System, 3-Stake powder-coated Cross Brace, wood stakes
The 3-Stake System, 3-Stake Cross Brace at top level consists of welded center ring and two welded side rings. This holds the stakes securely, assures that stakes do not move, loosen or injure tree.
Powder-coated tree stake brace with welded rings on wood stake
The brace with welded rings slip easily over your wood or metal stakes and secure with a ¼” x .20” stainless steel allen bolt.
One of two side adjustable scrolled rings on tree stake brace
One of two side adjustable scrolled rings.
Close-up of side powder-coated adjustable scrolled ring on wood stake
A close-up of side adjustable scrolled rings.
newly planted tree with 6 Tie Sleeves and one 3-stake tree brace on wooden stake
Under the top brace, either 3 or 6 Tie Sleeves (shown here) are used to keep the tree straight as it grows.
a Tie Sleeve close up view with rubber sleeves attached on wood stake
The Tie Sleeves are easily tightened with a stainless steel allen bolt and can be untightened and moved to keep the ties at optimal place for support as the tree grows.
tree installed with 3-stake system with adjustable Tie Sleeves
The movable Tie Sleeves keep the tree strong and upright.
two trees installed with 3-stake adjustable tree staking system
Trees ready for months of steady and secure growth.

Watch this animation which illustrates our 3-Stake System being installed: